┬áHeading home this evening I definitely had “that Friday feeling”, my favourite dance tracks lifting my spirits further as I got to the station. Work done, I was in the mood for some play time – Street Photography. Walking around the front of the station I spotted Nadia and loved what she’d done with her hair. The earrings complemented it perfectly. Being asked if I’d mind if she put on some lip-gloss before photos was the best “yes” I think I’ve had to a photo request ever! Standing under a sign on the wall to the station I though we could find something better as a backdrop and asked if she’d mind walking to the side of the coffee shop. As we reached it her phone rang and she jokingly told the caller “I’ve found someone to replace you!”. It turned out her partner Ashley is a freelance Photographer, Designer and Illustrator. I’ll be checking out his site to see if he can do some work for me. I loved the first shot but was asked to delete it if given more as Nadia wasn’t happy with how her neck had looked. To the left of the wall was a door with a porthole window. I wish I’d reacted quicker and got a shot, the look on the face of the lady peering out at us was priceless.

I’m normally happy with shooting one stranger and heading home. Tonight would be different… As I walked back towards the station a lady stopped me and asked if I did model portfolios. We spoke at length about what models should have in their portfolio, the costs and not being ripped off by those in it just for the cash. I’ve written some tips in a previous post and on other sites, I’ll pull it all together into another post soon.

Heading towards the trains I got a lovely thanks but no “I’ve just done an eight hour shift in the station” from a lady all in black with jet black hair and sun flower in her hair. Getting closer to the trains I then suffered a brain short circuit. A lady heading towards me and onwards to the Taxis had the most perfect hair I’ve seen, as if she’d literately just stepped out of a salon, her dress a light flowing material somewhere between nude and yellow. Picture the Lynx advert and a set of wings layered into a photograph. Maybe angels do walk among us!

Almost at the gates I’d been looking down at the camera (a habit I must get out of!) and started looking up just in time as I was passing the flower stand. They’d make for a great colourful backdrop I though, then spotted the two friends that had stopped to check them out. Kiesha’s summer dress and red hair just screamed photograph. I had a bit of a inwards laugh and smile, the flowers were so nice they’d interrupted some shoe changing and someone, I wont say who, had one sensible flat shoe on an one party heal and was wobbling her way around to see other flowers. The ladies were in town for dinner and in the mood for a photograph. Friday night was going right, the ladies asked another stranger to hold the flash while they both posed for a shot together. Kiesha asked if I could email her the photos and asked my name again. I had to double check their names when told them, sounding so similar, Kiesha & Niesha!

Thanks all!