Don't Mug Yourself

Have you seen “Clone” photographs were the same person is in the shot more than once and wanted to do the same? If you thought it took costly digital cameras and editing software on a PC or Mac then I’ve got news for you, it’s all possible with an iPhone at little expense (other than the phone of course!). And I mean everything; the photo taking, editing and uploading to sites like Facebook and Flickr.

I posted an image tonight on Flickr and got a “RAD! *runs off to try this*” comment from heshta. True to her word she did just that and posted the fun image on the left below shortly after. 😀

mama said the devil lurks outside #21/365 MMXI Alt: Cloning on the DLR without dSLR

To create one, set Gorillacam into Time Lapse mode and start it shooting before just before securing it to something stable. I used Bungee Tarp Fasteners as I don’t have an iPhone Gorillapod yet. Move around and allow it time to create a collection of images you can pick from.

In ArtStudio select the New/Load/Save icon (5th one in, In/Out arrows over folder) and LOAD the first of the images you want to use from the Camera Roll. Once it’s loaded IMPORT the next image, it will be added as a new layer. Tap one of your layer icons on the left hand panel until the extra buttons show and pick ADD NEW LAYER. With this extra layer highlighted turn on “Use as layer mask” lower down and confirm the change when asked.

You can now use black and white to paint on the mask to control which of the two layers is visible at any given location in the image. Because you’re using a mask and not altering the source images if you make an error all you need to do it paint the area in the alternate colour or undo the last changes. SAVE the image to keep all of the layer and mask data intact and EXPORT it to the Camera Library in order to upload it to your favourite photo sharing site.

If you give it a go feel free to show the rest of us what you’ve created in the new iPhone Clones Flickr Group. If you create other art in ArtStudio there’s a group for that too at artstudioimages