I love my Street Photography, capturing some of the happy, bubbly, colourful, stylish, extrovert or otherwise attention grabbing people that pass in front of my lens.

I didn’t wonder if she was wearing Harmony Hairspray but maybe I should have done. There was a high possibility that yesterdays ‘Line snap’ blonde was a professional model. What makes me think that? See the list below. Some of the entries are done by many women, but with all of them getting a tick in the box I’d have put good money on a Yes bet.

The closest I can find to her style on the UK Hairdressers web site is this one to the left, only hers was a lot more brushed, blonde and cut like like a “long bob” for lack of a better description, much shorter at the back than the front.

  • Her hair was a perfect light blonde
  • The style was simple, straight hair in a very forward long-bob cut that framed her face brilliantly
  • Roots were maintained, not left dark
  • The makeup was a stunning 11/10
  • Her impeccable dress sense
  • The small luggage case in tow
  • Two phones for separate work and private lives?
  • A catalogue of model poses even when doing not much more that standing still
  • Moving in a fluid graceful way that many dancers and models do without even thinking
  • Checking makeup and hair often
  • An almost constant partial kiss pout

All the street photography I’ve done has made me a lot more aware of people, the looks on faces and body language of my fellow male travellers was just as interesting to observe.

Of course there are other explanations for her looks and manor, but being a photographer and fashion fan I prefer to stick with my Kraftwerk “She’s a model and she’s looking good” thinking.

Anyone looking for a new hair style should check out the superb site http://www.ukhairdressers.com that I stumbled on trying to find a name to the lady’s hair style.