What a beautiful sunny spring day we had! I chatted with Julie in the morning, we’ve got some direction for our shoot in May, the Breast Cancer Charity pin ideas have grown, evolved and morphed into a top for the shoot. My local sewing shop gave me a contact for a dressmaking teacher who in turn has put me in touch with a local lady that can turn my design into reality. Liberty the MUA has given me the details for her supplier so we can get the right wig for the pink themed shoot.  My friend at her High Street stall has her hair sorted out for her shoot, I now need to work on dates with Stuart who’ll be joining her. He’s got a mohican 😀

I carry the camera everywhere. Some days it stays in the bag, the people about me not making my Street Photography alarm go. I’d been in the copy centre to pay for some work done for Denise and was thinking of heading home.

Perfection: 30 minutes

Outside Nando’s was this young lad with his mother, I think the rest of the family had gone inside to get a table. I’ve seen a few good ‘fros, but even my friend Paul “Don’t Touch The Hair” M’s doesn’t come close to this one!  I complimented him on his well kept hair and asked how long it took to get ready. His mother smiled and said she’d told him off today, they only have the one bathroom and he’d been hogging it.  He told me it normally took him ten minutes, but today a full half hour!

If all this good stuff wasn’t enough a young lady’s all black party outfit spotted Friday night has inspired something for my next shoot with Maez, it looks like I’ve got another wedding couple to shoot in a few weeks and I’ve also made some satisfying progress with the home DIY.  I’m buzzing! And it’s only Saturday night. Roll on Sunday! 😀