“Laura, can’t you give me some time,” is the opening line of the song Laura by the Scissor Sisters.

I’d arrived in Ipswich for another visit into the labs, loaded down with a heavy travel bag with two laptops inside. I’d brought my personal one to watch Rankin’s BBC documentary on LIFE magazine on the train up. I liked what I’d seen on their Photo Essay and the fact that the photographer called the shots and reporters followed. As I walked towards the station exit, Bose ear warmers on, the lady pictured gave me a lovely smile.

For the first time in who knows how long I’d not taken the dSLR. I need to upgrade my camera bag to one that can take more kit.

As I got closer to the exit I thought about the 3GS playing music in my pocket and doubled back. It’s not the greatest camera in the world but it works and I’ve got image editing software on there too.

I’d asked if she could give me some time and she happily agreed. Say hello to Laura the song writer. I’d said that I now know of two song writers in Ipswich and mentioned Ben. “What’s his surname?” she asked. It turned out Laura knows the singer, song writing, piano playing Mr Bloom. Small world 🙂 Hopefully I’ll bump into the Underline the Sky group too one day.

The iPhone 3GS isn’t great shooting into the light, the dSLR with its superior lens would have done much better. But Laura’s lovely smile was captured, my mood lifted even higher by our brief encounter.

You’ve got my card Laura, drop me an email with a link, I love music and would love to listen to some of your work.