When out and about and seeing others taking photos of each other I’ll often step in and offer to take a shot for them with their camera. Some jump at the chance while others are not so sure. One elderly couple had the husband decline but the wife then say yes, take the camera and pass it to me. I made sure to give them a composition that showed the lovely location too and they seemed quite happy with the results. For me, not being in the family photos sucks. So I’m grateful for iPhones and my daughters impromptu shot of herself flanked by my wife Denise and I when we recently took a short break from work. If only Apple had put a HiRes camera on the front of the phone instead of one only designed for video calls. My own gear is somewhat heavier. This was me on the Halloween weekend getting ready to shoot whoever dared to step into my path. The next time I’m away from home on Halloween I’m packing a costume >}:^}>. Muhahahaha!

I picked a few people and some spotted me and asked. People look quite shocked when they first see the flash and softbox, but the results are so worth it!! Luckily none made the mistake of looking up at the softbox rather than the lens.

Friday night I went to Seniha Sadrettin’s “Zumba with Seniha” 2nd Year Anniversary Party at the Blackheath Concert Halls. What a blast! Denise would love to have been there but was continuing her travels while Sophie and I returned home. She’s doing a “Fam Trip” to Antigua and St Lucia for Funway, checking out all the Sandals hotels. A lot of Senhiha’s guests knew Denise but didn’t know me. Late in the evening I mentioned to one of the ladies that said she’d been on the holiday to Turkey that it was Denise that helped Seniha arrange it.

Lizzy had also been on the Turkey trip and asked if she could take a picture with my camera. This sort of thing doesn’t happen often so no way was I going to refuse. The next thing I know I’m surrounded by the other ladies that had been on the holiday. Thanks Lizzy, it was nice to be only the other side for a change!

Thanks for a great night Seniha, 1,100 photos to sort through!