On the way to the train I spotted the young lady here with a helmet hanging from her back pack and amazing longboard. A cool prop for a strangers shot. She must be quite a sight to behold as she surfs her way across London in the evenings. I didn’t catch her name, after a short while chatting about the board, the shots and handing her my card she was off like a flash.

Thanks to the autumn evenings getting dark so fast it was time to break out the flash. With all the orange lights on around the station front I felt the full CTO filter and shooting with white balance set to tungsten would produce a better image.

Some of the team at the stand nearby kindly acted as human light stands as I stepped back to frame the shot. Thanks to the flash head being pushed down and buttons pressed the first two shots came out massively overexposed. On getting the flash back I quickly spotted the issue and cracked off a test shot to confirm everything was back to normal. I hadn’t intended it to be a keeper but I quite like it.

The second image was the shot I had in mind. Thanks to the low light and Pocket Wizard turning off focus assist I had trouble getting a lock. I’ve spoken to the PW team, they won’t fix the product to enable the assist beam so my only option it to try a Canon ST-E2. It will add height to the camera, no doubt getting even more people looking up instead of at the lens %^}

The “MY-> (O) <-LENS” sign to fit to a lens filter holder is already on the To Do list thanks to many guests at the last wedding reception looking at the flashes soft box rather than camera lens. 🙂

Have a great weekend all…