I found myself looking for a shot in my Lightroom catalogues that I was thinking of uploading to my new 500px account. It was one of my Street Photography shots and wasn’t in the catalogue I’d expected it to be in. Instead I found it in the Studio catalogue, I’d taken it the same day as my shoot with Abi in a pink dress from Lady Pearls and had just imported everything new on the storage card.

It had taken a bit of hunting and shouldn’t have. Why? I have a number of images with no Keywords added, and this was one of them. I made a commitment to myself to use my spare time on train journeys to sort this out. But which ones needed fixing?

Lightroom filters to the rescue!

Just about all of the keywords we’re likely to use (assuming English here) will have a vowel in them.

So a simple Text Keywords “Does not contain” match with the vowels in a comma separated list gives us all the images that need fixing. A quick Save Current Settings as New Preset…  and it’s always there for when you need it next.