In a recent post I talked about adding keywords to images to help you find things in Lightroom. But what about when they’ve been exported and posted on web sites. Ever wondered where your images are getting to?

Go to, click Images and drag and drop a jpeg into the search bar. It will open up and show a progress graphic while it uploads your file. Next it searches the images in its extensive database to show you were yours may have been used and others similar to it.

I’ve found a Creative Commons photo of mine, the gorgeous yellow Karen Millen dress being worn at a fashion show. Despite being posted to Flickr with a CC “Attribution, Non Commercial” license it’s being used on commercial sites with no attribution whatsoever. The sites look like online shop aggregation engines, not having any goods of their own to sell. They probably get per click revenue from the advertising.

I’ll be emailing a few more of the sites.

First I’ll point out their error and ask if they’d like to take the image down or credit me as photographer and buy a commercial license. If they respond we can negotiate a price.

If they don’t respond or respond in a negative way I’ll be following in my friend AJ’s footsteps and have lawyers take action.