Yes! Canary Wharf’s Summer Fashion day returned on the 26th May with what felt like a much bigger event than the previous year.

Karen Millen were doing a major amount of advertising for the event with an image of one of their models on all of the handouts and poster. And the colour of the top she was wearing? Yellow 🙂
The corridors in the shopping areas were packed, probably helped by the stormy weather above, hopefully all the stores took record sales.

I’d wrapped up a job around 6:30PM and headed off to the Jubilee line thinking the catwalk event around that time would be over. As luck would have it, it was just about to start.

Having given with one hand lady luck then took with the other. The camera battery needed changing, not a problem, with the grip and its slide in battery carriers that took seconds. But then the strobe wouldn’t fire even on fresh nicads. After much disconnection, reconnection and battery swapping I realised that the Pocket Wizard flash receiver although appearing to be fine was locking up the flash. Pressing the flash pilot light wouldn’t trigger it with the wizard receiver connected. Thankfully the Rx takes 2xAA and with a charged set I was back up and running, but had missed the Karen Millen part of the show. Live and learn. The Tx takes a CR2450, which was fine, but nobody in the Wharf looks to stock, so a few more spares in the bag will be a must for when it decides not to play ball. And a small battery tester wouldn’t go amiss.

Unfortunately the monitor panels at the back of the catwalk were being used to show the discounts being offered that evening not the name of the store who’s clothes were on the catwalk at any given moment. If the name was there it was far too small. If you hadn’t heard the commentators calling out of the store name you could be left wondering who’s designs you were looking at. I particularly liked French Connection for the dance routines the models put on, giving the clothes and those wearing them a hip fresh young look. Sadly it was all over too soon and I had to be on my way..