Photographers can get a ticking off for retouching a photo, on the grounds that we’re distorting reality and hurting young people as a result. Dove jumped on the band wagon saying how bad the practice is and that ads should clearly show that they’re the product of retouching and not straight out of camera. A number of make-up manufacturers sell foundations that will remove the signs of pores or make skin supposedly feel and look younger. And they use models that are so young and naturally fresh faced that they wouldn’t need such products for years anyway!

I don’t recall seeing any negative press aimed in the direction of these manufacturers. Luckily Unilever, the company that own the Dove brand, don’t have makeup in their product portfolio so they could make the comments without being called hypocritical.

Get these makeup ads off the TV and tear down to posters if there really is an issue with youngsters self images being harmed in this way. Better still use well known members of society to promote the products. People that everyone will know are of a certain age.

If anyone fancies a shot to celebrate their natural beauty I’m shooting for them at weekends, no charge.

If they’d rather be made up FACEON style I can arrange for a makeup artist to come along to a shoot, although it would be for their own portfolio not

If anyone is brave enough to do both styles on the same day I’d love to combine the two images to show natural and makeup for a FACEON/FACITY combo.