Just before Christmas my daughter created a collage of cover images from Canada’s “Fashion” Magazine and MMS’ed it to my iPhone.  It’s a great image with a lovely mix of colour with one of my favourites at the top of the stack – a pink dress. It got me doing my own Google search of magazine covers.  I was slightly surprised in the patterns I found.  Some used the very restricted colour schemes in order to give a consistent branding from month to month.  Others stuck to the magazine name at the top but were otherwise happy to change layout, fonts and colours to suit the cover image.

Looking at them all helped focus my mind on one thing – Copy Space; usable space around the main subject of the image that can be used to place the magazine title and clues as to the content within.  Many looked to accept that their readership knew them so well that a models head could totally obscure a letter or two in the magazine name without any negative impact.  So with copy space in mind I started playing with some images from past shoots. But what should I call this pretend magazine? I’d though in the past of using my middle name, Strickland, but I wasn’t sure it fit this. My initials MSE were too short and when read can sound like messy. So Mark S E became MARKSE, sounding more like the UK artist Banksy, a cover series was born.