I’d spent the whole day with my head in my old Bose QCII cans listening to the new NERO album on heavy repeat while coding. On the way home I’d spotted a few stand-out people in London but they were moving fast and I wasn’t about to start running after anyone. I sat on the train editing the last of the images of baby Zack and surfing for WordPress plugs to help control the sites widgets. Widget Logic rocks! As I got to the steps of the station and thought of walking or getting a bus home I spotted a young lady also in headphones coming down the steps.

With her brilliant hair the cans were not just audio equipment but had become a fashion accessory. She passed me and I carried on a few steps, then thought “Don’t ask, don’t get” and doubled back. She agreed to have her photo taken and sat patiently as I got the strobe and soft box together. She told me she’s a part time student, I kicked myself afterwards for not asking what music she was listening too! She agreed to walk over to the station staffs box on the platform so I could use it as a plain backdrop. I asked her to turn her face slightly away from me but to look at me with her eyes. She wasn’t sure about the first shot and asked to try her other side. With the camera being right handed I must have looked like a right muppet with my arms crossed holding the flash to the camera right. On checking that shot too she wasn’t happy. I told her about my 100Strangers experience and the Mirror image issues. She then said that she looked better straight on and we tried a third shot.

BINGO! The softbox was held high above the camera this time. I love this shot! One of my favourite shots of my Flickr contact Ilina is in her headphones. I like the black and red stripe of the headphones, like the Canon L glass. I manage to dig out a card just before her train pulled away then realised I hadn’t asked her name, couldn’t have British Rail been late for a change! 😉 Thanks for agreeing to be today’s Street Photography subject! 🙂