Potential clients often use the phrase “typical wedding” when making enquiries, I honestly don’t think such a thing exists. People are all different, they pick different locations, have different wedding services and priorities when it comes to photography. 11/11/11 was another great day to remember. I was photographing Rob and Yvette’s wedding at Nunnsmear Hall Hotel, the classic Victorian mansion in the Cheshire countryside.

Yvette had asked that I set up a “Crazy Booth” for her guests to use – a studio like setup, camera on a tripod and a shutter release the guests can use to take their own shots.

It’s something that my US photographer friend Mark H does from time to time and I have him to thank for introducing me to the idea. Few people in the UK know about it or feel like taking it on, space often being an issue. Having taken over the whole hotel that wasn’t a problem for Yvette.

Young Sophie was brilliant, making frequent visits and helping out guests when they accidentally locked the shutter release. Once sorted the foot switch will probably be secured to a large heavy mat to help keep people in the right spot, the gaffer tape X was ignored by many so some were almost out of the frame when the shutter went.

I was wrapping up and getting kit to the car so the hotels staff could use the room and returned to find her helping the band takes some shots. Meet Kelvis, Dr Vibes, G-Man, The Face and Groover. AKA party band Groovy Revolution. These guys are awesome with a great catalogue of songs they add their own unique twist to. Like the guys and gals in FullyFunKtional they’re well worth checking for availability if you’re after someone to help raise the roof at a party or reception.