Aldwych tube station closed 30th September 1994. According to Wikipedia “The music video for The Prodigy’s song “Firestarter” was filmed in the disused eastern tunnel and one of the unused lift shafts”. I suddenly have the urge to visit the site. But according to a TechRadar post by Amy Davies this evening they’ve banned dSLR cameras!

A Digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex) is a camera with moving mirror that allows the light to be diverted into a view finder until the shot is taken at which time the light passes directly to the image sensor. (Hence the “reflex” name – light being reflected). My 10MP Canon G11 pro-compact will go to f/2.8 and has an ISO range of 80-3200, better than some old dSLRs and would be allowed without question? If I took the mirror out of my old 40D and used Live View to compose the shot it wouldn’t be an SLR any more and would technically, by their own rules, be allowed? A theory worth testing if only to prove a point.