If you’ve been following my posts then I expect you’ll know by now that people who colour their hair are highly likely to catch my eye and get asked for a photo.  Zia was one of the first with her great blue hair.  There have been blue, pink, purple, red and part red.  Like Zia a couple of people that caught my attention Friday evening had coordinated make-up too. The young lady to the left with her great pink and blue hair and matching eye shadow was one. She works in security and is about to interview with Transport for London. I do hope TfL have a relaxed policy on hair and make-up, it would be such a shame to see her have to dye it just one colour.

The second person I’d spotted may well inspire a studio shoot. She had very pail skin, short almost white hair cut very much like the wig we’d used in the pink themed shoot with Julie. To further enhance the look she wore white lipstick. With her hair and face so white her blue eyes really stood out.  She was walking at a real pace and by the time the old brain had finished doing a quick recap of what my eyes had seen and filed it under “Strong looks to mention to MUAs” she’d crossed a couple of junctions and was well on her way..