UPDATE: Please read this post and read Pinterests T&Cs before you pin anything. I think it’s a great service but worry that someones going to be hit by a copyright lawsuit.

Oh my! Yet another photography related web site full of images. But wait. This one’s rather special.  It’s not like Shadowness.com or 500px.com for photographers and artists to share their work, both of which I’m addicted to at the moment, this is more like StumbledUpon but in many ways better.  I’ve only got my account this evening, thanks to an invite request response from Shauna on one of the forums I’m on.  Already I can see how this will be one immensely handy tool.

Brides and Grooms will hopefully be able to find images that help explain what they’d like from their wedding photography. I’ll be able to find shots that are a bit different to “the norm” and hopefully convince couples in the UK to be a bit more adventurous with imagery.  Models and I will be able to find images of props, clothes and accessories for shoots.  If I’m not careful I’ll be walking into lamp posts head stuck in an iPhone browser soon as I check out images for my Pinterest boards..