But on this occasion due to a race against the clock. I had to be in a meeting at 10:00 and was already pushing it.

I’d left the house late for a number of reasons, thankfully my wife had returned from the school run just as I was about to set out and gave me a lift to the station. At Victoria underground a young lady and older gentleman walked up the the tube station list behind me looking for Ealing Broadway. Unable to get her answer she turned to me for help.

I’ve seen a good number of people with a coordinated style but she had something I’d not seen before. Her black top had narrow diagonal stripes of opaque and sheer material. Her hair was a nice frizzy afro with relaxed cornrows at the front from her hair line to the top of her head. Both gave stripes of black and chocolate. The effect was very effective and she sounded quite please that I’d noticed and had bothered to compliment her on it. A quick look at the iPhone tube map app and we realised she was on the wrong platform.

I so wanted to ask for a shot but knew it would make me far too late. An idea to file away for a studio shoot in the future.

And as I went to get on a tube a lady with lots of gorgeous pink shiny hair passed me on the platform. Oh to be able to control time!