Friday was a very productive day in the wharf and was followed by a most enjoyable evening with friends, old colleagues of Goldman Sachs and a few new faces. I had an interesting conversation with my old team leader Steve who’s now into old industrial clocks. Beauty in design and solutions to technical issues.

I found myself at Hayes Station just after midnight. In a light hearted mood helped among by a few Jack D’s I snapped the station clock at seven past the hour for James ‘Bond’ Morris, a lady killer with the brains, looks and personality to justify such a nickname. ;o)

Despite the time I opted for a walk home in the refreshing rain. In old Hayes Village there’s a clothes shop called “Jessie”. The red dress behind bars stopped me in my tracks. I’ll admit I like women with curves, but this one looked appropriate for a more slender build. The dress had no frills at all. Simple, straight and made from what looked like a material that could have been used for quality tshirts. On the right lady and with just the right accessories..


Time to get the contacts network working towards a shoot…

UPDATE:  What luck! The next day I’m taking my daughter to Hayes for something unrelated and notice that the shop has a half price sale on, the dress has been set free.