I’m so glad I’m not a cat. Like them I have a load of rods in the retinas of my eyes and like you and most of the rest of the human population I have the 6 to 7 million cones providing the eye’s colour sensitivity. Without them some people just wouldn’t stand out in the same way.

Heading to the underground with Yao I spotted a lady securing her racing bike. Guess what made her stand out from the crowd? Maybe I should come out and say my *second* favourite colour is green 😉

Sophie said she still has a year left of goldsmithing at university [St. Martins] and will then study chronology. She sounded quite pleased that I liked her pink hair and asked if I could email her the photo as her mother didn’t like the colour and she wanted to show her that others did. She told me she didn’t want to be like the many bottle blonds and brunettes around her home.

Having a stranger hold the flash on Friday I thought I’d try the same again and asked a gent having a quick cigarette a few feet away if he could do me a favour.  He stood about four feet away from Sophie, camera right. A couple of shots, quick chimp and we were done.  I usually talk to my subjects a little before I add a “By the way, I’m Mark” and offer a hand shake in the hope of getting their name in return. I was quite pleasantly surprised to hear her name as it’s the same one my wife and I chose for our daughter 🙂  Sophie was at the wharf to see the Opera that was being televised at Jubilee Park.

One for the chronologists: If in the future you see watches on my blog and Flickr photostream and wonder why I’ve stepped away from portraits to do macro photography then this is the moment in time that seeded it…