Yesterday I’d gone into town with family for some breakfast, do some banking and shopping. For a change I didn’t have my camera with me and felt almost naked without my Lowepro bag on my back. I wasn’t the only one who’d be in the high street feeling a little under dressed. We stopped for a while to listen to Si Cranstoun, an awesome local singer who fits in a street performance every so often and draws quite a crowd with his powerful vocals and energetic dancing.

A short while after Si had finished I had to do a double take. A little further up the pedestrian zone and strutting her way in our direction was a lady in bikini/bra top and lovely circle skirt, from it’s shape sitting over a petticoat. I started thinking “I know it’s spring but ..” then spotted a group of lads all carrying Canon dSLR cameras (the wide camera straps were a bit of a give away). Shots taken, a rug was hurriedly placed over the models shoulders and they set off up the high street. With so much camera hardware I thought they might be a local camera group and said as much to Sophie. We caught up with them to find out.

20110417-164848.jpg They were in fact shooting a music video. One had a fur covered mic sat in the hot shoe, another had his camera on a Hague DSLR Motion-Cam. I’ve seen a few steady mounts for large traditional HD cameras but not one so compact for a dSLR. It’s owner gave me a demo, moving his hand back and forth with quite some vigour, the camera staying perfectly balanced throughout. He let me take a snap of the makers mark, I thought it would have made an ideal Christmas gift for the film maker in the house only I’ve now learnt that he’s already bought one. With more and more dSLRs being used for video it’s something I expect to see a lot more off, though maybe not that often in the local high street!

So my quest for local like minded fashion fans / photographers continues..