Giustina I do like it when women colour match items of their outfit. One favourite is the “LBD” with red shoes, red belt and scarf. Giustina here has to get the award for the most colour matched outfit I’ve seen in my home town so far this year, probably ever!
I’d passed Giustina while returning home with some plumbing bits. She was walking like “She owned it”, catwalk style, heading towards the main road. She gave me a nice smile as we passed, ‘If that doesn’t translate to a “Yes” to a 100Strangers+ shot I don’t know what does’ I thought! So being literally a stones throw from home I grabbed the camera bag and caught up with her. That took more effort than expected, as someone walking like they’re on a catwalk covers a lot of ground quickly! I wonder how many calories a “catwalk strut” burns?