Fiona Boyle (far left) owns and runs the Taste Bud Cafe Deli in Chatterton Village in Bromley. I’d gone into the village to get something for the pets and to draw some cash. One of the staff had stepped outside to take an order to some of their customers seated out front. Being in a Playboy Bunny costume was a sure sign that it wasn’t quite business as usual.

The team are collecting for the Sunny Day Children’s Fund, specifically for a young lad called Logan born 06-09-07. Sunny Days Children’s Fund is a national registered charity which raises funds to help children and teenagers under the age of 18 with a wide range of adverse medical conditions including Leukaemia, Cerebral Palsy, the Deaf and Blind, Terminal Illnesses, and all other life hindering conditions.

Fi had been asked if she could help raise £50 for the charity and were already over the £500 pound mark!

Reviewing the shots I thought I’d ask the team if they’d mind trying something a little different. They were great sports, Fi, Elaine, Laura and Mercy all holding onto their male bunny Oli.

If you live in the area and find yourself hungry pop in and make a donation for Logan if you can.