Every fisherman has stories of the great catch that got away. Do other Street Photographers have an equivalent?

Gold’n Brown

I usually walk to the station but found a bus approaching the stop at the end of our road, wanting to get to the city a bit earlier I jumped on. A lady with a lovely chocolate coloured skin and flawless makeup was dressed from head to toe in browns and gold. Leather, silk, Lycra, there was quite a mix of shades and textures and the combination worked brilliantly. Having recently read that a friend Catherine takes 30 minutes every day to do her makeup i wondered how long this lady took to get ready. An hour maybe? That’s quite a sizeable slice of anyone’s day. She jumped off two stops after and stood at the stop. Route change, no photo op at the station. It felt like the fisherman’s equivalent of a line breaking.


Then getting the tube home I spotted a very stylish blonde. Pinks, Coppers and Reds usually grab my attention but as with Gold’n Brown it was the overall combination of hair, clothes and accessories that made her stand out. And a few other qualities that I’ll save for a second post. One of the reasons I’m not a big fan of blonde as a hair colour is that it’s so high maintenance for those wearing it. If their hair grows fast dark roots showing in partings quickly spoil the effect. Not for this lady. The colour was perfect and her roots were somehow being toned down. Two stops on I had to get off at Victoria while she carried on. Snap goes another line 😉