I’d gone to the shops in town to get birthday cards and gifts for family. As usual I had my camera with me on the chance that I’d spot something, or – more likely these days, someone that caught my eye.  The 100Strangers project, party and wedding shoots have me hooked on photographing people. I’d spotted a couple of possible subjects on my earlier visit but having to drop my daughter off somewhere soon I was up against the clock and had to let the opportunity pass.  One of them had been a lady of African descent with a nice jumper and jeans combo, walking like she was on the catwalk, not inside a shopping centre. Oh well.

With the project to help with the Japan Tsunami Appeal taking shape the colour red was very much in my mind. I got some gifts from M&S and headed back into the high street towards the market stalls.  Walking towards me with her partner was this lovely lady in her red hat, top and lipstick.  She agreed to having her photo taken using the back wall of a nearby market stand as a backdrop. Unfortunately the strobe had dropped out of high speed sync mode and the shots were not correctly exposed.  She had to attend to something quickly, I asked to try again when she was done. Then I checked the time. I had to get cards, my daughter would need collecting in a while! I felt a little angry at myself for not chimping the first shot and noticing the sync issue.  I had my doubts that she’d be back.  On returning to that part of the high street there they both were, her partner wanting to go into CEX. What a star! CEX turned out to be a much better location, Freddy giving the okay to shoot in the shop, it’s red wall by the stairs fitting in much better than the green from earlier.

Crossed fingers, the lady in red will agree to be in one of the appeal posters once she’s seen the results. While in CEX Freddy asked for more photos, so I have a willing man. We’d then have three posters; The one to the left that’s being worked on, and the first two to donate to the appeal.