I carry the camera everywhere, even into town on shopping trips. After some all I’ve done is used the hip straps on the bottom of the camera bag to help carry heavy bags of shopping. Every now and then carrying it pays off and today was one of those days. We’d all gone into Boots in the Glades, Denise was getting some makeup lessons from Hien of benefit. A short while after we arrived a lady sat down on the other side of the counter to have her makeup done by Ria. If you’ve seen my portraits of Annaliisa, Claire, Sam and Zia you’ll already have worked out that I like taking portraits of people with coloured hair. Red, Violet, Pink and Blue so far. You’d have to be blind to miss this lovely head of red hair. I let Ria get on with her work, luckily she started applying lipstick just as Denise and Hien were wrapping up. I said hello and asked if I could take a shot. The 50mm’s a superb lens, but getting back far enough to frame properly was a major issue in a packed shop. I got a perfectly framed shot with her looking at the lens, then something made her laugh and caught another shot with a lovely smile. I chimped the shots and got a “I like that one!” when the smile came up.

Thanks for being a sport miss, I’m kicking myself for not asking your name!

MUA: Ria Nightingale
Makeup by benefit of San Francisco
Shot at Boots in the Glades, Bromley
50D & 50mm f/1.8, 580exII, LumiQuest Big Bounce