It’s one of those days. I get to Victoria to see crowds of people outside the tube entrance. Multiple tube line failures and “Please help us by finding alternate routes to your destination” coming over the tannoy. Behind me Jess is having a cigarette. I love her hair style and ask for a shot. It turns out Jess is a makeup artists, so was definitely getting a card. For a change I shot without any flash, just making use of the strong light behind her. I’d asked her if she could move so that we had the other people behind us and not the plain grey wall by which she stood.

The queue for the taxi rank was insane so I thought I’d jump on a bus. Never again! The trip took far too long in slow moving traffic. On the trip there were two stunning women, one applying flawless makeup while the bus wobbled and bounced around, how she avoided drawing lines across her face with the various makeups was beyond me. The other was in a dress that would make even Jessica Rabbit envious. Not wanting to appear as a GWC I concentrated on editing the shot of Jess. Hold on, stunning makeup alone is not reason enough to ask for a shot? The team at FACEON would be disappointed. I need to reevaluate my tick list for my Strangers photography!

Thanks to an elderly man that boarded I moved further back in the bus in order to give him the priority seat. On one of the unoccupied seats was a copy of Stylist magazine.

Inside was Jade’s new advert for Revlon. The matt undersaturated printing wont do her and Revlon full justice. Congrats on winning Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model Jade!

So here’s to Jess, Jade, Models, Makeup Artists and anyone rocking makeup, especially those applying it under less than ideal conditions! You all made the mad trip in more tolerable.