I’ve seen what “finding your colour” in clothes can do for people, having had it done for free by a stylist one evening at a Goldmans Sachs event many years ago. Pink shirts make me look healthy while some other colours make me look washed out and quite unwell.

While watching an American TV show on quick fixes for medical issues a presenter gave an alternative to bleaching with hydrogen peroxide also based on the use of colour.

Image from Wikipedia

Wikipedia image: 1908 Colour Wheel

A member of the audience had yellow teeth from many years of coffee drinking and wanted to make them whiter. The guest had avoided dark lipsticks thinking it would only draw attention to her teeth. The presenter talked about the colour wheel and how a dark plumb colour is at the opposite point to yellow*. The use of that colour in a lipstick would make the yellow appear more white. (Our brains are constantly doing what most digital cameras do – adjusting the overall colour balance of what we see.) Before and after frames from the shows video footage where shown side by side after she’d applied some of the lipstick.

The results were amazing!  Now whenever I edit images and go to correct colour I can’t help but think of the ladies smile and a plumb lipstick she’d no doubt be keeping in her clutch bag.

Something I expect a trained MUA’s and stylists keeps in mind when working with photographers on colour schemes for photo shoots.

For more on the colour wheel click on the image and have a read of the Wikipedia article.

* On a HSV wheel blue is the opposite to yellow, plumb is one colour step anticlockwise.