I’m happy to support and give shout outs for all of the models I’ve worked with if they let me know where their online profiles are. Abi for instance can be found here at Profile Model Management. She’s quite new to modelling but was a total natural when it came to posing, her figure and memories from past dance lessons helping create some lovely poses. I’d love to do a shoot with a ballet dancer, something to add to the list for this year.

One of the models I worked with recently for a fashion and portrait set prefers to shoot Alternative Glamour, as featured by magazines like BIZZARE. Maez, who goes by the model name Sapphire Storm, is a bubbly and professional model who I plan to work with again in the spring for an outdoor fashion shoot. The more I look at the various model profile sites the more I come to accept that a lot of models will work in multiple areas of interest; Fashion, Lingerie, Editorial, Runway, Tradeshow, Advertising, Fitness, Spokesmodel, Body parts, Swimwear, Catalogue, etc.

She’s dying to get onto the cover of BIZZARE magazine, so much so she’s joined the magazines web service ultravixens.net and is looking for people to vote for her.  If that’s your sort of magazine and want to help her get on the cover please click the link, sign up and vote! Her own web site can be found here.