[UPDATED] In a few weeks (after the last of my loft re-insulation antics at home) I’m doing another self portrait project, its current working title “Keep Calm And Carry On”.

It’s been a while since I went all-out and layered in multiple photos to create an image for myself, inspired by the ENDWORLD images and book by award winning artist John “Drummy” Mitchell.

Inspired by the physical antics of Natalie “Miss Aniela” Dybisz and edits of Photoshop wizard Roderique “dracorubio” Arisiaman the “KCACO” project will involve hanging from one hand while a wind machine blows clothes and hair around. The free arm will be used to carry on with the task at hand. Shots will be taken against a plain background and then composited into something that hopefully looks a little different and eye catching.

Definitely not a standard fashion or beauty shoot!

I’ll be building a temporary structure of sorts for the “stage”. I had intended to get one of our sons old Action Man dolls out of storage and play with camera positions to check everything would work before starting construction. Realising the macro setting on my zoom lens wouldn’t let me get close enough to simulate the real set with a scaled down model I needed another way.

I already had the solution – DAZ 3D Studio. Thanks to model Michael 4 I was soon experimenting with camera positions and focal lengths in a virtual studio.

Inspired by a young model who needs something for her port’ I’m opening it up for others to join in the fun. I’ll be charging just £35 (payable in advance) for the edits since each will reuse layers from my own images edit, saving a lot of time and effort.

Final results to be delivered via web download a number of weeks after the shoot. Comment on my Facebook page or here via the contact form if you’d like to participate. The location will be somewhere in BR2 to be announced closer to the time.