I feel at times like I live three lives. One is with family. One is behind the lens. The third is doing I.T. for clients needing Network Management and associated skills. The three rarely cross. Unless you include the skills needed to keep this web sites running.

So there I was at a client in Canary Wharf getting ready for a conference call when one of the fashionistas, a dedicated follower of fashion, walks back to her desk from visiting the coffee machine. My eyes may be slowly needing more help focusing but my peripheral vision is still pretty good at giving the old noggin a kick to turn around and pay attention.

Loula, an often highly colour coordinated person is frequently seen in shades of browns or black and white, but today had shades of pink. Sorry green, your my favourite colour in nature but not in clothes. Pink is king! (Or should that be Queen?)

Thursday’s colour for me will be black, as the family are sadly attending a second funeral in a month. With a “You only live once, some opportunities don’t get repeated” thought in my head I plucked up the courage to ask if she’d like an impromptu fashion shoot after work. To my pleasant surprise Loula got quite into it and started suggesting a number of places and poses.  The glass and frame construction of the underpass entrance also gave some great columns on which to tarp-bungee the flash/wizard combo.

Loula’s skirt is layered with detailing on the sheer top, fitted and cut to have more material at the lower back. It’s a one off made for a show room unfortunately so I can’t tell you where to grab a copy. Gorgeous outfit! 11/10 🙂