I’ve recently added a Sigma 8mm fisheye lens to my equipment list and have been experimenting with a number of panorama creation programs. My findings are easy to summarise: You get what you pay for, PTGui at £65 is the best I’ve found so far in terms of a program you can download to your laptop or workstation. Its ability to stitch images together is 1st class and the PTGui Pro version at ~ £130 can do HDR blending of multiple exposures for scenes with high contrast. I have found one better but it’s an online application to a closed user group.  More on that in a while! If you’ve spent a fair bit of money on the hardware why scrimp on the software? The PTGui software can create many different projections of the images, the above is but one example. Most of these panoramas would be opened in a tool that let the viewer pan and zoom around the image with perspective corrected.

I’ve got all of the equipment working fine and have mastered the techniques so I’m no fish out of water, I have one thing holding me back a lot, the blasted UK Weather! This past month it’s been rain, rain, rain and yet more rain. With a 8mm fisheye the viewing angle is very wide. Putting an umbrella over the camera to keep rain off the lens is no good, it would get into the shots. I have a potential solution, but being patentable you’ll have to wait and see if it’s brought to the general market.. 🙂