UPDATE: Please read this post and read Pinterests T&Cs before you pin anything.  I think it’s a great service but worry that someones going to be hit by a copyright lawsuit.

I read fashion magazines. Let me rephrase that, I mostly look at fashion magazines. I do read some of the articles but don’t have the time to get from cover to cover reading everything in between. I check out the styles and study the lighting in many of the photographs. Needing to get some desk and shelf space back I ripped them all up, keeping the best images to one side. I wanted to pin some to let others see them. As I don’t hold the copyright I didn’t want to host the images on my site for others to download.  The answer was simple:

  • Take a photo or scan of the page
  • Go to Google.com/images
  • Drag and drop the image into the search field
  • Find the best match of the image and pin it
  • Delete the temporary file

I now have the images pinned for others to see without hosting the image myself.

Hopefully the SOPA and PIPA bills don’t get used by big US corporates to crush wonderful sites like Pinterest. Online advertising and brand awareness through social media is the future. And some don’t like it one bit.