This strong look from Miss P, was shot during our “All White” shoot just for the fun of it. There’d been a bit of sibling snapping going on with camera phones from the back of the studio, inspiring a punchy pose. It sums up how I feel when I’m away from the studio editing images, only to find a lot of stray hairs in shots. What is it about hair!? It’s forever on the move and getting where it isn’t wanted.You have someone check, no hairs out of place. Click, there’s the hair.

Maybe I’m just being too critical, but the stuff takes an age to edit out of a shot, and I’d rather not spend time editing hair when I could be doing something else. My stylist contacts will be getting more questions as I continue my quest to get this element of the shot under control. I wish I had a hair stylist along for every shoot, but that’s often not possible for a host of reasons.

Do I need to ask the people to condition more the night before or on the morning of the shoot? Have them use V05 oils or olive oil as one person suggested? Better hair sprays? Keep the humidity up just enough to prevent any static build up that helps move the stuff around, and be more aware of clothing that may cause static?

Maybe it’s one reason why some photographers prefer the “bed head” slightly unkempt look, a few stray hairs wouldn’t look out of place.

UPDATE: A big thanks to Condenast! One of my favorite covers this month is the Going for Gold Kate Moss photograph for VOGUE. Click this link to get the details on how Malcolm Edwards created the look. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing the details Malcolm.