0830 this morning I was woken by my daughter. The snow had settled and she wanted to go and play. A snow ball fight with the neighbours turned into a trip to the park with their sledge.

The snow was crunchy underfoot and compacting so well that I knew this was the day for Igloo 3. I’d built my first one in my late teens on a golf course with school friends. The second with the help of kids and their parents in Ipswich a couple of years ago. Today my neighbour Mehmet and his young son Luca helped Sophie and I build the third. In only three hours too! It was much smaller than the previous two but I’d started it not knowing I was soon to get the extra help.

While Sophie popped home to make some lunch a few small groups came over to check it out, some sitting inside for a moment. With most people thinking “Snowman” when we have weather like this I doubt many will have experienced a snow structure like it.

The young lad in the shot at the top of the page handed me his Blackberry to take a photo, I then took a few for them with the dSLR. With their faces close to the entrance of the igloo the snow made for a brilliant reflector giving this photogenic couple a beautiful all round light.

Sophie returned with a rug and lunch. She’d made me honey sandwiches, yoghurt and a big flask of tea. Sitting in our igloo this afternoon having lunch was priceless! Sadly we’d seen how a group of young boys had gone about kicking in the snow men others had built. If anyone’s going to break our igloo I want it to be me Sophie told me. Before we did our best to level it Sophie managed to stand on the top. Not bad for a simple dome structure made from snow! Unfortunately I got half way up before it let me fall through up to my armpits, much to my daughters amusement.