I loved Pinterest when it first started and created a number of boards. It was a brilliant way to collect photos, show others ideas for photoshoots; clothes, accessories, etc. Then the words “Copyright Infringement” started to be mentioned by a lot of other photographers and lawyers. Unless they get permission people don’t have the right to make an image visible on another web site [or Facebook page] not under the original artists control.  There were also issues with the original source of the images being lost with all the repinning. One of my photographer idols were telling people to get with the modern world and use it, but he was in my mind publishing a lot of images, not necessarily pinning work of others that might come after him with a lawsuit.
Other photographers were reporting stories of firms in the US that were chasing people for very high dollar values.  Not wanting a copyright issue I stopped using it.  That’s changed.  In the last few days Pinterest launched a new service – Secret Boards.

It will allow me to once again pin images but in a way that’s private. I can show people I want to work with my boards, have it help plan photoshoots, but not in a way that makes pins public knowledge and an issue for others.

It will become much more like the physical scrap book we’d have used years ago before the Internet existed. Bravo Pinterest!