I’d just finished taking some head shots in the studio and was heading to the car when I spotted this lady with her partner, CALL MY AGENT splashed across her sweat top dress. I love fashion and this simple top with its message printed so big across the front made me laugh inside, smile and think “So who is your agent?”.

Loaded up with gear it took me a moment to catch up with the couple. After a bit of conferring in a language I didn’t understand I got a yes.

Even before I’d got ready her partner was commenting on the harsh shadows on her eyes with the sun in front. I agreed and said I’d put the sun behind her and took a couple of test shots. The metering at a distance resulted in her face being somewhat underexposed. Breaking out the big silver reflector I’d used earlier in the studio the angle was found to get some fill, the lady’s partner then took over reflector duties.

Getting real close I metered on her face in Av mode, then copied the aperture and shutter speed into manual. Getting further back I could then compose the shot knowing the exposure would be spot on. Love the results, not a strobe light in sight.

I’d seen a couple of lads trying to do a portrait shoot with a gold reflector the day before in the high street. The one holding it was moving it around at speed not really understanding what if anything it would do for the shot. If you start to use one slow down and watch the results, the angle needed might be quite fine. Move it too fast and you’ll miss it.

Thanks to the top I how have some printing on my To Do list. Not on clothes but the zip bag that the reflector packs away in, left hanging from the top handle of my camera bag.