Should press pictures with half blinks be banned?

I’d started this post a couple of months ago, recently spotted pictures of the late Whitney Houston looking worse for wear and last night caught Avijit blinking in every shot at Kaushal’s leaving drinks. X^)

Wind back the clock and….

I’m on a train into London reading the Metro. Page 25 in the “Guilty pleasures” section has a photo of Kate Moss and Jamie Hince leaving Soho’s Box. “.. after what looks like a damn good night. The notorious party girl ..” reads the text.

I wonder what Kate’s Agents Storm Model Management think of it. It would be interesting to get hold of the photographers storage card and review all of the shots taken.  Kate may have enjoyed a few drinks but I suspect she’s been caught half way through a blink, which would unfairly make her look under the influence. From the position of shadows and faces in the shot there may have been several cameras flashing away which could contribute to a lot more blinking.

We all blink at quite a rate to stop our eyes drying. Many of my wedding and event photos catch people doing it which is why I’ll often take a few frames to ensure I have one with all eyes open, or enough shots to do a quick composite. One Street Photography subject blinked every time I took a shot, the fourth or fifth try catching her eyes open.

If someone is intoxicated and falling asleep then such a picture is an accurate representation of their state. They’d probably rather it hadn’t been taken unless they’re after any publicity they can get. But if it’s a blink shot it’s a distortion of the truth and should have been rejected by the photographer.

Ban the blink or admit when it’s happened!