When my daughter was younger being in front of the camera was never an issue, she’d pose for shots and I’ve many many wonderful images in my archives. Then as her school life and my work life got more demanding the images tailed off. When she said a few days ago that she wanted to be part of the lighting setup test shoots and do images that “would count” I was delighted!

I wanted to do something with coloured gels. As they were used for 3D films before the polarisation technique took over we agreed to do a cinema themed shoot. I need to locate some stock red chair images for the MARKSE cover edit I’ll do on one of the images.

With a cinema between the car park and studio we had an ideal source for one of the props, a pot of popcorn. Fresh and smelling great it was hard to resist picking a few off.

A few frames in I realised I wasn’t seeing much. We tipped it into a paper bag and put a ball of cinefoil in the bottom (appropriate given the theme!) and poured the popcorn back in. The cinefoil came in handy for it’s normal use too, allowing me to create quick masks to keep the gelled light from reaching the backdrop. A cardboard sheet with rectangular cutout was used to prevent the gel covered lights from causing lens flair.