As followers of my blog will know I’d got DAZ3D to use the virtual figures and show examples of poses I’m looking for in shoots. I recently commented on an image by Dreamlight in one of the DAZ3D groups in Facebook, the lighting really was superb, bring the image close to the point where the viewer asks “is it real or rendered?” A few days later and I get an email thanking me for my support of the artist. It offered early exclusive access to content from a new Learning Portal that will be based on Dreamlight’s work.

I accepted the offer and I must say I’m really glad I did. It’s reopened my eyes to light in a way that other more traditional training videos on studio photography didn’t. And with DAZ3D being free it doesn’t cost a fortune to set up a virtual studio and try all the light effects you want. Of course the challenge will then be to turn the virtual into the physical for the shoot with a real model.

Thanks to Dominic Kamp for his Swiss Night Sky wallpaper.