Wednesday 27th I attended a charity event at my daughters school organised by the 6th form Fashion Show Committee. It was being held to raise funds for Demelza, Hospice Care for Children. Demelza support children and young people up to the age of 19 who are not expected to reach adulthood, and offer support to their families. The girls modelling the clothes had a great range of outfits from local firm Taylor Stephens “Mobile fashion for today’s busy women”, evening wear, gym clothes, pyjamas and festival outfits put together from the girls own wardrobes.

They were joined by a number of boys modelling day-wear and suits. Some of the lads looked extremely confident on the catwalk, you could picture them popping up at London Fashion Week in the not too distant future. Not having seen a program in advance I was only expecting a traditional fashion show. I suspect the girls knew otherwise!

The lads came out all oiled up and showing off their six packs and there were screams of delight from the audience. “We’re not a convent school” one of the teachers remarked afterwards. This fathers going to have to get used to the idea that his daughters views on boys will be changing.

A number of the girls were in heals and were obviously quite used to walking in such shoes, equally capable of owning the runway at London Fashion Week. Others weren’t quite as steady in them. Much as I appreciate what a nice pair of heals can do for a look I don’t want to see anyone get hurt by them, so ladies, go easy on the heal height and step into flats when you can. Back and joint problems, corns and calluses are not something you want in later life.  But if you must wear heals read up on how to look after your feet, e.g webmd tips to avoid foot pain from high heels.

There was a good mix of clothes, from the Hollister So.Cal. look loved by so many girls around my daughters age, to dresses, nice tops and fitted ladies trousers that would allow someone to put together an outfit that reflects their personal style rather than a look promoted by a brand.

A number of teachers also got into the spirit of things and did a turn on the catwalk. Mr Isted with his bunny ears and cane strutted his stuff in a lovely black tux, but for me the star of the show teacher wise had to be Mr Laing. He’d let his wild & crazy side off the leash for the evening. Doing what looked more like a dad-at-the-disco dance than traditional catwalk moves he rocked the show! After the event I’d thought about finding someone like the multi award winning model trainer and runway coach Catwalk Professor a.k.a Mr Fierce and asking if they’d like to help charity events and teach those taking part how to enhance their walks. Many of the girls were close, but I think tips from such a person would make for a fun break from normal lessons and give them some confidence in how they move and improve their posture. A few times I found myself wishing a few of them would stop and turn to camera, pause, take a step back before turning and moving on.  But given his moves I think Mr Laing is the ideal person to take on the role! He might need to watch a few fashion shows to get the more usual walk down pat but his enthusiasm and flamboyance are there for sure.

As well as taking money at the door there was a raffle, one of the prises being a framed photograph of Kate Moss.  Congratulations to everyone for raising around £500!