Novembers All White shoot was a lot of fun. I’d have liked more people but asking for an all white outfit was a big ask and probably a major challenge for most. I don’t have white trousers either. Piara also had the clothes but had a mass of revision to do for exams which we agreed had to take priority.

The shoot reinforced a few things:  Anyone can be a model. If they start the session by standing straight on to the camera with a bit of guidance and a little time they soon relax creating more interesting poses.  I must have a budget for clothes shopping. Megan and Tyler came with all of their own white clothes, but didn’t have white shoes. Thankfully we found these pumps in New Look. Check out all the local charity shops. Hats, belts and even a white teddy bear were to be found!

So the next colour coordinated group shoot, if you can call it a colour, may be black. Or we see what the current seasons most popular colour is and go with that. 60 odd image previews are with Megan and Tyler to sort through before I do any more edits. For my next “Time For” shoot I’m looking for someone to do close up beauty portraits with.  Hopefully my next paid shoot will be the Dr Who inspired Oswin theme, if we can get the red themed clothes sorted out – an even bigger challenge as we’re looking for specific styles as well as colours.