I watched the tail end of a live Scott Kelby video tonight, his closing words were about people that complain that they don’t get the shots they’d like, partly because they don’t go out at the right time of day to get the best light [or bring it], or don’t find the interesting or photogenic subjects to shoot.  It reminded me of the evening I did a quick Street Photography shot of the lady you see here.

It had been a regular day in the city and I was moments from home.  Standing with my camera bag strapped to my back I was gazing out through the windows to the buildings on our side of the road.

A stop before mine I spotted this young mum pushing a pram, her rather different hair catching my eye. I just had to jump off the bus a stop early and ask for a portrait! Not only were her hair tips red but the jacket she wore had a red trim to it adding to the theme.

Back then I only carried the LumiQuest Big Bounce soft box, no shoot through or bounce umbrellas.  The 580EXII on a PocketWizard remote was fired through the soft box, held at arms length to camera left.

It’s one of a half dozen favorite Street Photography images that are alive with colour.  As I keep reminding my daughter “Don’t ask, don’t get” and I’m glad I asked.   I think Scott would add “Don’t get up early, don’t catch the light” to the “Don’t…” list.  Scott also mentioned in tonight’s show that all but one of the images they reviewed were shot on reasonably priced cameras, not the out of reach to the masses pro models.  So “Don’t blame the hardware” should go on the list too.