I am now offering a specialist photography service, working for clients of Google to bring them the Google Business Photos services. It enriches Google Business, Google+ Local and Search data with an indoor version of Googles well known Street View technology. Here’s my recent shoot for The Park Langley Club, a sports club with a focus on lawn tennis.  All of this 360 degree panoramic virtual tour work will be blogged about in my new site http://1stviewpanoramas.co.uk. The tours can also be easily embedded in the companies web site, just as I’ve embedded the club here. Have a click around and see if you can find the bar. If you make it there mine’s a nice cold Orange and Soda water thanks! (P.S. Once you’ve started the arrow keys can help you move around too.)

If you have a business with public access and would like to showcase your services in this way get in touch via the 1stviewpanoramas site. If you have contacts with businesses that you think could also benefit from the service feel free to let them know.

Each shoot takes between 1 and 2 hours depending on the size of the business. All faces and number plates are blurred out in the published images so you don’t have to have a totally empty location for the shoot to proceed.