I got a message from a fellow photographer Michele saying a football friend had asked her to take some shots at his mothers birthday party at Bromley Football Club on Saturday evening. She was unable to make it and wondered if I was interested. As the club is only a stones throw from home and I would only be needed for a couple of hours late in the evening I accepted. It turned out Michele’s friend is Mike Delaney, founder of Skills Academy, the soccer training organisation for 5-12 year olds. Mike is also a football choreographer helping put together fast paced action video commercials for clients like Nike, Pepsi, Adidas & Reebok.

I shot for the two hours Mike had asked for, using the LumiQuest Big Bounce softbox with the 580EXII mounted on camera. It’s compact enough for moving around taking close up portraits at parties. With the camera upright shooting in landscape it’s ideal but not quite as good in portrait as the flash is now to the side not above. Wanting to get another shot or two of the great outfits being worn and now off-the-clock so to speak it was time to go studio style and break out the silver brolly, stand and Pocket Wizard remote.

At times I felt like a hospital patient having to walk around the wards with a drip bag on a support – which may be a lot better than a normal light stand. But the light this setup gave was great, better coverage and harder than a shoot through brolly, softer than direct flash.

Will I worry about looking odd and doing this again? No. Because you and the results are so worth it!