A massive thanks to Lydia and Kiran (MUA) for their help with the first two of the fashion lighting test shoots.

There were a few things to note from the shoot on a technical front:

  • A spare backdrop paper stand with its two supports and horizontal bar makes for a much more stable overhead light support than a single stand and boom and worked well once planted in the right spot.  Proving that sometimes it’s good to try something different even if you think your current solution is good enough.
  • Putting a strobe directly behind the model aiming at the backdrop paper is fine on a tripod for shots that are from the hips upwards, but the legs are hard to align with the models when their whole body is to be in shot. A couple of bits of fishing line from the ceiling or walls would have been more manageable and would have been far easier to clone out. With suitable wall/ceiling anchor points unavailable the spare backdrop paper support would have been good. One idea to store away for another shoot, fishing line added to the shopping list.
  • Without some guide you’ll find the model moving around and changing the exposure needed when the lights are already quite close. Thankfully I always shoot RAW so can adjust exposure to a degree in Lightroom when editing.   The model moving forwards and backward on set is something I’ve had issues with many times before, rather than try and explain why it’s an issue I should give it some X Factor / Britain’s Got Talent treatment and put an X on the floor that they can hide under a foot or I can clone out in the editing. If I see it it’s a reminder that something has changed..

The next sets: A couple of variations with a beauty dish rather than the reflector umbrella.