If like me you’re running Lightroom on a Windows laptop quite often you might find where your images are located an issue. I have my RAID server image archive mapped to P: on the laptop. I’ll move folders in the Lightroom catalogue that I’m no longer working on to the server and off the local hard drive. Now and then I find myself wanting to edit some of those images.Today for example I’m looking for images for a new vertical Moo business card for my lifebookphotography.com wedding/family/baby work.

My backup solution deals with the server and laptop separately. Rather than move images from the server folder back to the laptop drive I copied the folder onto a USB stick. Windows 7 mounts the stick as F: and wouldn’t let me change it, DOS subst commands worked in the DOS shell but didn’t show in Explorer. Visual-Subst came to the rescue allowing F:\ to be easily mapped to P:.  On starting Lightroom it found the images on P: where it expected them and let me do the edits. When I’m done I can just trash the P: files as I know the masters are still on the server.