Thanks to Lee Gray of the 501st UK Garrison, I visited MCMEXPO | London Comic Con Saturday 27th at London’s ExCel. Wow! There are some extremely talented costume makers putting outfits together. For example “Wibble Nut” (1st Image), a fantastic armourer working in metal and Tabitha Lyons of Artyfakes Action Props Ltd (6th Image) who uses foam and latex.

It was my first outing with the RoundFlash ringflash diffuser. The quality of light it gives is fantastic!¬† Like any diffuser the flash power drops a few stops so it’s best used close up.¬†There are some issues that I’ll have to get used to with this device. The lens can’t be reached from the side as normal making it harder to change the focal length. Instead you have to reach around the front and into the RoundFlash. Easy enough with practice. With a short lens or lens zoomed wide I found keeping the front of the device out of view a challenge. There is a elasticated cord on the back that’s configured into a star shape that holds the lens in place, but no equivalent at the front as this would prevent accessing the lens to change focal length. Rather than be black I think I’d prefer the inside of the hole the lens sits in to be coloured a bright red to make it very obvious when it’s moved into the field of view.

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