Some days I have to admit that I *love* the unexpected content that arrives in my inbox!

My modern day photography hero and heroine Trey Ratcliff and Miss Aniela are teaming up for a Midnight in Paris Photography Workshop, November 8th-9th 2012!!. Trey got me interested in a dSLR and HDR processing, Natalie (aka Miss Aniela) in “Clone” images. Despite the ā‚¬1,950 EUR per person price tag I have no doubt at all the the dozen or so places they have will be filled very soon indeed!

This afternoon I had another email update from the site with some fashion images. The emailed image got my attention with it’s gorgeous burnt orange, I then checked out a few others and found this beautiful princess dress, the photography making it look like it had come from a high end fashion magazine, the sort of image Trey and Natalie may be be shooting.

Three web sites for you to check out if you’re not familiar with them already. šŸ™‚