Last night I discovered an app by Olivier Lance, Pierre-Jean Quilleré and Mathieu Jouhet called Sylights. It enables lighting setups to be drawn on an iPhone or iPad.  As the title says it’s “Lighting Diagrams made easy”.

Users of Strobox will be familiar with this sort of tool and be interested for a number of reasons..

  The Sylights user interface is easy to use with a rotate, group select, select and drag circular object picker and has a range of typical studio objects that can be placed around the diagram.

Sylight has a few features that will have Strobox users switching or applying more presure for feature upgrades:

  • Diagrams are saved as object data allowing them to be edited again in the future
  • Each diagram can be given a title, description and a file name for the image
  • Each item can be moved, rotated, resized and have description text added, the later being used in the full email export
  • Photographs (hopefully taken with the lighting described) can be linked to the diagram
  • Diagrams can be exported to the camera roll or email. When exporting to email a No, Basic or Full detail can be selected, Full detail gives the diagram, associated photographs and full inventory of elements with their descriptions

The one feature it doesn’t have yet that I’ll be asking for is a Clone Diagram so that a simple changes to a lighting setup can be shown.

Strobox has not kept their app fresh with new features despite the many requests on their Uservoice site. “Make saved diagrams editable” was requested in Dec 2009 and has 307 votes, the highest of all requests. If they don’t get their coders working on a new version soon I can see a lot of users migrating to Sylights, which would be a real shame as Strobox has a large established user base with over 13K of those liking the Strobox Facebook page.